Top 5 Most Haunted Places In India

 The Many Haunted And Mysterious Places In India- Our India is a very beautiful country. But apart from being beautiful, it is also quite Mysterious. Many types of secrets are hidden here in different places. We hear many stories related to ghosts from every corner of the world. Many believe in him, quite a few do not. I am going to tell you about the 5 most mysterious and scary places in India, knowing that you will go to the square. I do not pretend to be true or false to all these things, all this information is taken from the internet. So let’s start and tell you which are the 5 places of India which are the scariest, mysterious and ghostly.

1. Bhangarh Fort (भानगढ़ का किला)

Most Haunted Places In India

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Most people know about the history of Bhangarh Fort. It comes first in India’s most Haunted and mysterious places. A warning has been issued for everyone to leave before it becomes dark here. The fort of Bhangarh was built in 1583 by Bhagwant Das, the king of ‘Amer’ and after Bhagwant Das, there have been many rulers of this fort. One of them had a daughter, Princess Ratnavati, who was very beautiful. There was a tantric in that state named Singhia. The one who wanted to get the princess wanted to make the princess her own. But this could not happen. He was a cruel and sinful man. One day Princess Ratnavati’s maid, who went to fetch oil for the princess from the market. That Tantric Singhia enchanted that oil. But the oil fell on a rock from the hands of the princess, now that rock started rolling towards the tantric and it fell on top of it, which caused the tantric to die below. While dying, the Tantric Singhia cursed Bhangarh and Princess Ratnavati to be demolished, which completely demolished the city, killing all the people living in the Bhangarh Fort. Even today those dead people can be felt in the fort of Bhangarh. In today’s time, going to the fort of Bhangarh after the evening is strictly prohibited. Some people always guard outside the fort so that no one goes inside. People living near him say that even today there are voices crying, screaming, and shouting from inside the fort. Those who have heard those voices say that with those voices it feels as if they are being tortured, they are in pain.

2. Shaniwar Wada (शनिवार वाड़ा का किला)

Most Haunted Places In India 

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Shaniwar Wada is a fort established in the Pune district of Maharashtra. This fort was built by Peshwa Bajirao in the 18th century. The palace was named Shaniwar Wada because the foundation for the construction of this palace was laid on SaturdayPeople say about the stories of this palace that on the night of 30 August 1773, an 18-year-old prince named Narayan Rao was killed in this palace. Narayan Rao was the 9th Peshwa of the Maratha Empire. It is said that Narayan Rao’s uncle conspired and killed this 18-year-old prince. The local people living there say that even today, on the night of Amavasya, voices come from that palace and some people also say that they have also heard the cry of a child and he says save me. The sound of crying and screaming is also heard here at night. Once there was a fire in this palace. This palace was on fire in 1828, it is said that the fire was so fierce that the fire was seen for 7 days. How the fire started is still a mystery.

3. Delhi Cantt (दिल्ली केंट)

Most Haunted Places In India
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Friends, I am going to tell you about Delhi Kent. It is a highway and this highway is also known as a ghostly highway. This highway looks quite calm during the day. But at night, ghostly incidents happen on this highway. There have been many such incidents on this highway, which have not been detected till date. This area is far away from the crowded area of ​​Delhi and is in solitude. 

Some people say that a woman on this highway asks for a lift during the night and then mysteriously kills the person by taking him to that deserted area. A truck was once passing on Cantt Road. He had a driver and an assistant. Both of them were going through the same path, as soon as they reached that area, they started getting very cold here. As he moved ahead of both of them, strange sounds were heard in his ears. Both were aware of this place, both became quite nervous and increased the speed of the truck. Both of them went ahead and stopped at a hotel and they told all the things that happened to them and the people sitting there also believed them because they all knew about the place. It is one of the most haunted places in Delhi

4. डिसूज़ा चॉल (D‘souza Chawl)

Most Haunted Places In India

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You may have heard of many big haunted places, but there are many places that many people do not know about. Many people do not know about D’Souza Chawl. It is a region of Mumbai. There is a well in this chawl, in which a woman died due to drowning. People here say that the woman is still seen today. Due to fear of the woman’s soul, people do not go out here at night. Many times in that area during the night, the woman is seen staring at the house at the bottom of a house. She keeps looking at that house under a different house all the time. 

5. टेरा वेरा (terra vera)

Most Haunted Places In India

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This palace, built-in 1943, is one of the most haunted places in Bangalore. This palace was built by EJ Vaz and he gave this palace as a gift to his two daughters Dulce and Vera. But in 2002, someone stabbed Dulce with a knife, and then her sister also left shortly after her death. After this, the people present there were quite scared after seeing the strange things happening in that house. There used to be the sound of piano playing from that house and sometimes a woman used to sing songs from that house. When the people of that place tried to go into that house, they found an effigy of Jesus, who had beheaded, people broke that house, but even today people are afraid to go around that house.

There are more dangerous and scary places in the world, about which you will get to read on this site. Tell us which places are on the list of your most frightening places, we will definitely put those places in our next article.

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