Don’t Breathe 2 Updates: Release Date & Story Details

 Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about the sequel to the film Don’t Breath released in the year 2016. Yes, now some details were revealed regarding the sequel of this film, which detail is quite shocking.

Don't Breathe 2 Updates

Don’t Breathe 2 movie shooting is completely over.

So, friends who have seen the film Don’t Breathe of 2016, will know what the sequel of this film means for everyone, And this wait is long gone.

And the kind of great film “don’t breath” was made on its very low budget In the same low budget, the film made a splash at the box office. Due to which the name of this film is taken in the most profitable film of the year 2016, just like “get out” and the current “joker” film Although the Joker movie is very high in terms of earnings from all these. But talk about the film “don’t breath”, the fans are still as crazy as the film was at the time of its release because the film was very interesting. But the way the film “Don’t breath” ended, the studios left to hope for fans that the film could be made a sequel. Because fans want to see what the character of Stephen Lang who is The Blind Man in this movie will do next with Rocky. 

But the way the report is coming out about the sequel of this film is no less than a disappointment for Fans. Because, according to the news, the sequel of the film is related only to the title and the main character of the film Stephen Lang.


Now if we talk about the story of the film, then the character of The Blind Man who is survived by Rocky’s Incident is now living a normal life by adopting an orphaned girl. A lot of time has passed since the accident took place in the first part and people still believe that the victim is The Blind Man.

I’m wrapped! A splendidly rugged shoot. Thank you Belgrade. All health and safety protocols observed to the letter. Well done all! #@DontBreathe #@DontBreatheMovie

— Stephen Lang (@IAmStephenLang) October 7, 2020

This time the film will have a different twist Because this time the film will not have the main villain The Blind Man but there will be some goons who steal the adopted daughter of The Blind Man. After which that The Blind Man will come out on a mission in which he will cross all limits to save his adopted daughter like he did in the first part. Well, this is the official plot of the film’s sequel, which is placed in front of everyone.

Now talking about the plot of this film, the film is not offering us anything new That is the fans who wanted continuation of the story of the first part is not being given to them, Rather also The Blind Man of the first part is also not made the main villain in the second part. That is, The Blind Man has been made good in this film, which is not good at all. 

In the first part of the film, we were shown how much more dangerous The Blind Man is and how bad its plan is. But now it will not be right to make that character a hero in front of people. If we talk about the story of the film, then the story of the film is much more similar to our Hindi film Kaabil. But we all know that this film is not of Bollywood but of Hollywood, in which we will get to see a lot of action and cruelty Which was also in its first part. 

Now talk about the production of the film, the official update of the sequel of this film has not been leaked from anywhere Rather the lead actor of the film Stephen Lang has done with his Twitter account That too with the announcement of some merchandise in the sequel to the film.

Don't Breathe 2 Updates

In which we find this thing clearly by looking at the year written on the T-shirt, whether this film is going to be released this year or was to be released this year, which is not possible due to the situation of COVID. Because theaters have opened again but the box office collections are not as much as they should have been Or another option could be to release this film on the ott platform too which would be good enough for this low-budget film. But these things completely depend on the studios Where do they release this movie. 

Now the official release date of the film and the teaser or trailer is waiting for when we will get to see any of these.

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