What is Tandav web series controversy? Everything you need to know about it

  What is Tandav web series controversy? Web Series Tandav Controversy in Engish [Release Date, Review,  What is tandav controversy, scene, dialogue, reason, Episode, tandav controversy scene in which episode, Star Cast, Review.

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Recently, Saif Ali Khan’s new web series ‘Tandav’ has been released. As soon as ‘Tandav’ is released, people have started opposing it. After all, what is in this web series released on Amazon Prime that Some ministers of the government have also written to Amazon Prime requesting to ban this series? And it has also been said that if this series is not stopped, Amazon Prime will also have to suffer a big loss. So let’s know what is the case of the entire Amazon Prime released tandav web series controversy.

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What is Tandav web series?

Tandav is a political crime drama web series released on 15 January 2020 on Amazon Prime. The director of this series is Ali Abbas Zafar who has also previously directed films like Salman Khan’s Sultan, Tiger Zinda Hai, and Bharat. In this series, you will get to see very good Bollywood actors, which Saif Ali Khan, Dimple Kapadia, Sunil Grover, Kumud Misra, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Parv Kaila, Anup Soni, Kritika Kamra, Sarah Jane Dias, Gauhar Khan, and Dino Morea are. 

Why are the Tandav in Controversy?

By the way, Ali Abbas Zafar has directed this series very well as he always does, but this time he made a mistake. Ali Abbas Zafar has made this series very well and everything in the series is what people like to see in the series. But somewhere the Tandav web series seems to be surrounded by controversies due to religious reasons. The series has been accused of making fun of Hindu deities. This is the reason the #TandavBan hashtag is trending on Twitter since this series has been released. Before knowing what the real dispute is, we have to know the story of ‘Tandav’. So let’s know what is the story in this.

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Story of ‘Tandav’ web series

The story of this series starts with Devaki Nandan who is a very big politician and has a son named Samar Pratap Singh. We have seen Tigmanshu Dhulia in the role of Devaki Nandan and Saif Ali Khan in the role of Samar Pratap Singh. Now Samar Pratap Singh wants him to take over politics in place of his father. But his father Devki Nandan does not want to let this happen. After which, Samar Pratap puts poison in his father’s drink and gives it to him And he died drinking it. But even then Samar Pratap Singh does not get his father’s place. And becomes Prime Minister Dimple Kapadia, whose name in this series is Anuradha Kishore. In this series, Samar Pratap Singh has a friend named Gurpal Chauhan And Gurpal Chauhan is played by Sunil Grover. Gurpal Chauhan has been shown to be Samar Pratap Singh helpful in this series. In this political war, Shiva, a young leader of VNU also joins the run of the chair. After which the troubles for Samar Pratap Singh increase even more. After that, you have to see in the series whether Samar Pratap Singh can become Prime Minister or not. And if Samar Pratap will get the post of Prime Minister, what does he do to get it in this series you will have to see.

Tandav web series review

If I talk about myself, I have liked the Tandav web series a lot. This is a very good political crime thriller web series. While watching this series, you are not even a little boar. This series has everything that should be in a political crime thriller series. But the point comes that there are some scenes in this series that should not have happened in this series the scenes that are causing much controversy right now and There are some dialogues in this series that everyone may not like. If we talk about the best performance in this series, the first name comes Dimple Kapadia then Sunil Grover, and then Saif Ali Khan, But if we talk about Saif Ali Khan, then he is shown to be of a saintly nature who only plays games with his mind And we get to see Saif Ali Khan’s acting after episode 5. And from that, we also get to see a good performance of Saif Ali Khan. 

And by looking at some actresses, it seems as if they were taken to waste time in this series. And all is well in this series. Ali Abbas Zafar has also confirmed that in an interview, the second season of the Tandav series will also come.

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What is the whole matter of controversy of Tandav web series?

What is Tandav web series controversy? Everything you need to know about it
Source:- India TV News

According to the president of Hindu Mahasabha, some such scenes have also been inserted in this series, which make fun of the Hindu God. Due to these few scenes there is a lot of opposition to ‘Tandav’, FIR has been registered on producers, directors, and actors in different regions of the country, However, producer Ali Abbas Zafar and other artists have not responded to it in any way. At the same time, many BJP leaders have also written a letter to Amazon Prime to stop this series. According to them, if Amazon Prime Video does not do this, then they will also get legal action. Now what happens next will be known only after the court order.

If you have seen ‘Tandav’ web series, then let us know in the comment how you liked this series. And is this series really as bad as it is being criticized? 

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