Do You Know Who Were The Most Powerful Aliens of Ben 10? If Not Then Let’s Know

 Ben 10 is one of the most favorite cartoons of children, why not because in this cartoon series we get to see a lot of aliens, and all these things are liked by the children even elder also likes to watch ben 10. 

But not everyone knows which alien is the most powerful among so many of Ben 10’s aliens. Everyone has their own opinion on this matter. So today I will tell you about some of the Ben 10 aliens who are the most powerful. 

Ben 10 craters have told many times about which Ben 10’s alien is the most powerful. So today I will tell you about some of the most powerful aliens of Ben 10 who have been officially confirmed on behalf of the crater of Ben 10. 

If you are a fan of the Ben 10 cartoon TV series then you must know this. You and someone else may have a different opinion about this, but still, you must see it once, Maybe You may find your favorite alien in this list.


NRG’s homeworld is Prypiatos And is a Prypiatosian-B Species, And they are also called P’andor. NRG is one of the five Andromeda Aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy who was captured by Aggregor. 

The P’andor lives on his planet Prypiatos where Aggregor tries to arrest some of them one day. But they had some powers Because of which Aggregor could not fight them.

P’andor had the power to create heat and he had many more such as Energy Consumption, Light Generation, Intangibility, etc. 

The Armor in which NRG is imprisoned was created by Aggregor to capture the aliens of P’andor Planet, And as long as he stays in that armor, nothing can harm him.


NRG also has many weaknesses like NRG is very slow in his suit. He can’t fly as long as he is in his suit. His suit can be broken with Taydenite, Likewise, the Kraaho are the only known beings strong enough to rip open the suit. P’andor can be frozen and immobilized by ice, such as that generated by a Necrofriggian.

Due to such other weaknesses, this alien of Ben 10 is in 10th place.

Way Big

You must be wondering how it can happen that the biggest alien of Ben 10 is at ninth place. So let’s see.

‘Way Big’ is To’kustar Species and his homeworld is Cosmic Storms. This is the Alien of Ben 10 which Azmuth himself gave to Ben by unlocking it from Omnitrix. And when we saw it, only one thing came out of the mouth, “wooow “. After which Ben threw Vilgax into space And then we saw this alien for the first time. 

Powers and Abilities

Way Big is very powerful and also the biggest alien of Ben 10. Way Big has never-ending stamina. He can lift a lot more weight than himself. He is also resistant to extreme temperatures. Way Big can jump very high, he can also shoot a powerful cosmic ray from the outer edge of their right hand by crossing their arms together. 


The size of the way big is so large that it cannot hide or run anywhere. Small-sized aliens like Nanomech can go inside his head and attack him. Way Big can be harmed by Argit’s quills, as also demonstrated with the Way Bads. ‘Way big’ can be controlled by Vladat. Way Big can be harmed by high-pitched noises, such as an Echo Echo’s sonic screams. Way Big can be eaten by a Gourmand.

There are many such weaknesses due to which the biggest alien of Ben 10 is ‘way big’ at ninth place. 


‘Whampire’ is Vladat Species and his Home World is Anur Transyl. Whampire is one of those aliens of Ben 10 who can control ‘way big’. Whampire wears the Omnitrix symbol on his stomach.

Powers and Abilities

Whampire can hypnotize anyone with their eyes and can control other beings by shooting Corrupturas at their foreheads. He can also completely destroy the life force of a Celestialsapien. Whampire can also transform themselves into bats. Whampire can survive in the vacuum of space. Whampire can see much clearer and better at night than all others. 


Whampire cannot live in sunlight because of light causes its body to burn. Whampire can be defeated by species like Pyronite, Prypiatosian-B, and Atomix, as they can produce light, And the Whampire, cannot survive in the light for a while. Whampire can easily be scared by Toepick’s species. Whampire cannot control Echo Echo.

There are many more weaknesses of the Whampire as well, due to which it is the eighth-most powerful alien of Ben 10.


‘Feedback’ is Conductoid Species and has its Home World Teslavorr Nebula. ‘Feedback’ is one of the most stylized aliens of Ben 10.

Powers and Abilities

Feedback can observe any energy with a plug on his antennae, tail, and fingers.. This ability is refined to the point that Feedback can redirect any type of energy and an infinite amount at near point-blank range. Ram can also absorb the energy of living beings. Feedback can also fly using his energy. He can also “smell” radio signals by using his antennae.


Feedback needs to absorb energy periodically. Because the energy it possesses dissipates over time. Feedback’s electric blasts do not work on those that can absorb energy. When Feedback does an electric blast with his plug, After that he cannot stop himself from shooting them.

Because of this and many other weaknesses, Feedback is in seventh place in the list of the most powerful aliens of Ben 10.


Gravattack is Galilean Species from the orbit of the planet Keplorr. Gravattack is one of Ben 10’s most mysterious and interesting aliens. You can guess its power by the fact that Gravattack can create even a black hole with its power.

Powers and Abilities

Gravattack can control gravity, he can increase or decrease the weight of any object. Gravattack can slow or fast the speed of anything. Gravattack can fly. Gravattack can place objects into an orbital track, causing them to fly in circles at various speeds. 


If he takes large amounts of damage to his core, Then it can be destroyed, And if the Gravattack explodes, it will explode everything around it for many distances. Gravattack has a huge body because of which he has a lot of trouble going to small places. Gravattack cannot stop someone from using energy-based attacks. If Gravattack uses more gravity powers, he creates a black hole.

Due to all these reasons, Gravattack comes in sixth place among the most powerful aliens of Ben 10.


‘Ghostfreak’ belongs to the Ectonurite species And his home planet is Anur Phaetos. Ghostfreak is a ghost-like alien with a gaseous appearance. 

Powers and Abilities

Ghostfreak can make himself intangible and invisible as both a powerful defense and infiltrating high-security locations. Ghostfreak is capable of making anyone intangible and transparent through physical contact. Ghostfreak can use traps as a means to intimidate their defending skin into subjugating their enemies. These tents can grow sharp forks that can be used as deadly weapons. Ghostfreak has a movable eye, which is especially seen when he wears his outer skin. he has many other powers as well.


Ghostfreak is afraid of toepick species. Ghostfreak can be affected by Nemuina’s sleeping dust. Ghostfreak cannot survive on Anur Vladias. Magic can damage ghosts, as shown when he was incapacitated by one of Charmacaster’s spells. He can be trapped by an Evolved Arachnichimp’s webbing.

Ghostfreak has many such strengths and weaknesses, due to which it comes at number 5 among the most powerful aliens of Ben 10.


Nothing has been told about Toepick’s species and homeland in Ben 10 yet. he is one of the most interesting aliens of Ben 10 Because nobody knows anything about Toepick, who he is, and where he came from. But the power of Toepick is much different than most Because its powers are that people are afraid of its face Anyone is scared to see Toepick’s face.

Powers and Abilities

Toepick’s main power is to frighten anyone by showing his face, Because their face is very scary even if he is a Celestialsapien, he is also afraid of Toepick’s face, Even Bellicus and Serena are afraid of Toepick’s face. Toepick is able to bulge his eyes outwards, and in addition to his face, he can also produce a series of horrifying sounds for extra terror. Toepick can shoot acid from his fingertips.


Toepick being very heavy, it can easily lose its balance. Toepick can be easily defeated by aliens who do not have eyes or who cannot see. There are certain beings Toepick is unable to scare, such as Ma Vreedle because “she has seen worse” and Dagon. And Professor Paradox is a person who can see Toepick’s face without fear. 

And due to some of his amazing and strange superpowers and some weaknesses, Toepick is Ben’s fourth most powerful alien.


Clockwork is from Chronosapien Species And his homeland is still unknown. As you might know by the name of Clockwork, it has powers to manipulate time. 

Powers and Abilities

Clockwork fires green time rays from his hands and chest so that he can do anything in time. Clockwork can send anyone back in time through that green time ray, restore things lost from time, and more. Clockwork can slow down time around himself, making it look like to others that Clockwork is moving at very high speeds. ‘Clockwork’ can erase the timeline of the multiverse and create it back. In simple language, it can do anything over time. 


Because of his large body and short legs, Clockwork cannot run very fast and is low on stamina, meaning he tires out quickly. Clockwork’s powers don’t work on Petrosapien because their body is made of diamonds Because diamonds never get old. The powers of clockwork do not work even when there is no time like outer space.

‘Clockwork’ has many such Powers and weaknesses due to which he is Ben’s third most powerful alien.


Atomix is ​​Ben’s second most powerful alien, But despite this, nothing has been told about Atomix in Ben 10 yet, who is Atomix and where is he came from. And it has been confirmed by the creators of Ben 10 themselves that Atomix is ​​the second most powerful alien of Ben. You can find out the powers of Atomix by the fact that Atomix comfortably defeated the ultimate humungousaur and ultimate spidermonkey.

Powers and Abilities

Atomix can create and manipulate atomic or nuclear energy using his hands Which can cause extensive damage to the area around it. Fundamentally, he is a walking nuclear reactor. Atomix can also create artificial sunlight. Atomix can easily defeat Ghostfreak and Whampire, as Atomix can generate Lite.


Atomix can get tired after using up most of his energy. Atomix becomes very overconfident while fighting, due to which he uses all his powers and becomes weak.

Alien X

If you are a true fan of Ben 10 and you are asked who is the most powerful alien of Ben 10, then you will also give the same answer ‘Alien X’ And this is also true. 

Alien X is a Celestialsapien from the Forge of Creation.

Powers and Abilities

Alien X can create time waves to reverse events. Alien X can destroy and recreate an entire universe at will. Alien X can survive timeline destruction. ‘Alien X’ can do anything up to multiverse only by thinking. Alien X cannot manipulate mana directly. So you can think of how many powers Alien X has. 


Whenever Ben becomes Alien X, he first needs to take the permission of Serena and Bellicus, And this is the biggest weakness of Alien X. Alien X’s personalities can be scared by Toepick’s species’ faces. Alien X’s life force can be drained by a Vladat. He also cannot survive on Anur Vladias.

And if you are thinking that Ben has the most powerful alien ‘Alien X’ in the universe of Ben 10, then you are thinking wrong. Yes, this is confirmed by the craters of Ben 10 themselves. There are some aliens inside Omnitrix that are still not introduced in Ben 10. 

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