Top 10 Best Horror Telugu Movie List

Hello, friends today I will give you the 10 best horror Telugu movie list which you will enjoy watching and will be scared too.

Telugu movies are awesome because they are always trying to make something new and they are successful in that too.

And the way the Telugu film industry is known all over the world for its action, thriller, and quite different films, there is also a horror movie genre in it.

So today I will tell you some such lists of Telugu movies in which you will get to see a lot of horror and thrill.

In this movie list Telugu, you will get to see the list of Telugu movies only.

Apart from this, if you want to watch Hollywood Horror Movies, then you can see this list.

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Best Horror Telugu Movie List


This film comes first on the horror Telugu movie list because this film is so amazing. If you haven’t seen a Telugu horror movie yet, then you must watch this movie.

The story, acting, visual effects, and horror elements of this film are all awesome.

And talking about the best of all of them, they are the actors of the film, whose performance in this film is amazing, especially the 2 leads of the film Anushka Shetty and Sonu Sood, whose performance you will like very much.

Directed by:- Kodi Ramakrishna

Written by:- Mallemala Unit, Chintapalli Ramana

Produced by:- Shyam Prasad Reddy

IMDB:- 7.4/10

Starring:- Anushka Shetty, Sonu Sood, Arjan Bajwa, Sayaji Shinde, Manorama, and Kaikala Satyanarayana.

During a visit to her native place, Arundhati learns that she looks like her great-grandmother, Jejamma. Soon, Jejamma’s battles become her own as she fights a black magician who wants to kill her.

The film received a total of 10 Nandi awards. Sonu Sood received Nandi Award for Best Villain for this film And Anushka Shetty got the Special Jury Award.

Arundhati film was remade in Bengali language in 2014 with the same name, in which we got to see Koel Mallick and Indraneil Sengupta in lead roles.

This film is also available in Hindi with the same name.


2018 Telugu-Tamil film U-Turn is a remake of the 2016 Kannada film U-Turn. This is a horror film but through this film, we are given a very good and emotional message which we get to know at the end of the film.

This is the second Indian film to be remade in 7 different languages ​​and plans are on to remake it in 5 different languages.

The film was shot simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil.

Directed by:- Pawan Kumar

Written by:- Pawan Kumar

Produced by:- Srinivasa Chitturi, Rambabu Bandaru

IMDB:- 7/10

Starring:- Samantha Akkineni, Aadhi Pinisetty, Bhumika Chawla, and Amit Suman.

When a flyover in the city becomes the hotbed of accidents, a young reporter decides to investigate the issue. Her quest for an answer leads her into a web of intrigue, murder, and mystery.

The film received a very positive response from critics, despite becoming unsuccessful at the box office.

This film is also available in Hindi with the same name.

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If you are a fan of Anushka Shetty then you must have seen this movie of hers. She gave a very strong performance in this film, although she is an amazing actress, she gives amazing performances in all her films.

Directed by:- G. Ashok

Written by:- G. Ashok

Produced by:- V. Vamsi Krishna Reddy, Pramod

IMDB:- 4.4/10

Starring:- Anushka Shetty, Jayaram, Unni Mukundan, Murali Sharma, and Asha Sarath.

The film revolves around a woman imprisoned in a haunted house. At the same time, she is interrogated by law enforcers investigating a politician they suspect of corruption.

The film was shot simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil. This film is also available in Hindi with the same name.

The film is remade in Hindi as Durgamati (2020). With Bhaagamathie, Anushka Shetty emerged as the second Indian actress after Sridevi to have a $1 million grosser at the US box office.

Anando Brahma

Anando Brahma is an Indian Telugu-language comedy horror film, And this film is written and directed by Mahi V Raghav.

This is a comedy horror movie which you can sit and watch with your family.

Directed by:- Mahi V Raghav

Written by:- Mahi V Raghav

Produced by:- Vijay Chilla, Shashi Devireddy

IMDB:- 6.7/10

Starring:- Tapasee Pannu, Srinivas Reddy, Shakalaka Shankar, and Vennela Kishore

Unwilling to sell his haunted ancestral property at a cheap price, an NRI asks four strangers in need of money to spend four days at the place and prove that it is not inhabited by ghosts.

This movie is available in Hindi as Kanchana 3.

This film was remade in 4 different languages in Tamil as Petromax (2019), Bengali as Bhootchakra Pvt. Ltd. (2019), and Kannada as Mane Maratakkide (2019) and It went on to be an inspiration for another Kannada film Damayanthi (2019).


I don’t think you are a fan of Telugu movies and you must not have seen this movie. This is an amazing psychological cross-genre film.

If you haven’t seen any Telugu movie yet, you must watch this masterpiece once.

Directed by:- Prasanth Varma

Written by:- Prasanth Varma

Produced by:- Nani, Prashanti Tipirneni

IMDB:- 7.8/10

Starring:- Kajal Aggarwal, Nithya Menen, Regina Cassandra, Eesha Rebba, Srinivas Avasarala, Priyadarshi Pullikonda, and Murali Sharma

Many people don’t know the meaning of Awe, so the meaning of Awe is something like an emotion variously combining dread, veneration, and wonder that is inspired by authority or by the sacred or sublime.

Six people go through various issues in their lives and somehow, they end up at the same restaurant where a life-changing moment takes place.

The film deals with psychological issues and social problems like child abuse, sexual abuse, and drug abuse.

This movie is also available in Hindi and the Hindi name of this movie is Antaryudh. Work on the sequel of this film is also going on.


Avunu is a 2012 Telugu horror/thriller film. Ravi Babu has written, directed, and produced this film.

Malayalam actress Poorna plays the lead role in this film that has Harshvardhan Rane playing the male lead.

Directed by:- Ravi Babu

Written by:- Ravi Babu

Produced by:- Ravi Babu

IMDB:- 6.3/10

Starring:- Poorna and Harshvardhan Rane

The spirit of a serial rapist whose body is chopped into tiny pieces, mixed into concrete that’s used to build a house, haunts it and terrorizes the newlyweds who move in there.

This film is loosely based on the 1982 American supernatural horror film The Entity. This movie is available in Hindi as Aatma Ka Ghar.

The sequel of this film is Avunu 2, which is a story that takes place immediately after the events of Avunu.


As I have already said that in the South Industry, something new is always tried in films. And this film is also one of those different films.

You will get to see the horror in this film but in a very different way and how it is, you will know only after watching the film.

Directed by:- Rahul Sankrityan

Written by:- Saikumar Reddy

Produced by:- SKN

IMDB:- 7/10

Starring:- Vijay Deverakonda, Priyanka Jawalkar, and Malavika Nair while Madhunandan, Ravi Varma, and Shiju

Shiva settles for the job of a cab driver after quitting several odd jobs. However, things take a turn when he faces spine-chilling incidents while driving and tries to solve the mystery.

This movie is available in Hindi as Taxiwaala.

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Nishabdham is a 2020 Indian horror thriller film. This film is directed by Hemant Madhukar and co-produced by Kona Venkat and T. G. Vishwa Prasad.

This film was shot simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil, The film is released along with the dubbed versions in Malayalam and Kannada languages.

Directed by:- Hemant Madhukar

Written by:- Kona Venkat

Produced by:- Kona Venkat, and T. G. Vishwa Prasad

IMDB:- 5.7/10

Starring:- Madhavan, Anushka Shetty, Michael Madsen, and Anjali.

When a world-renowned cello player is found dead in a house that is assumed to be haunted, his well-wishers and the authorities investigate to see if it is really the work of a supernatural being.


Jessie is a psychological horror-thriller film. V Ashwani Kumar has directed this film And the film is produced by Shweta Singh.

Directed by:- V Ashwani Kumar

Written by:- V Ashwani Kumar

Produced by:- Shweta Singh

IMDB:- 6.9/10

Starring:- Abhinav Gomatam, Atul Kulkarni, Kabir Duhan Singh, Pavani Gangireddya

Set in an abandoned house, the film follows a team of professional ghost hunters trying to conduct a paranormal investigation to unveil the mystery of two sisters, Jessie and Amy, where Amy shows unusual mental and physical behavior.

Anthaku Minchi

Anthaku Minchi is a 2018 Indian Telugu-language romantic horror-thriller film. This film is written and directed by Jhony.

Directed by:- Jhony

Written by:- Jhony

Produced by:- Satish, and Padmanabha Reddy

IMDB:- 5.1/10

Starring:- Rashmi Gautham, Jai Sampath, Ajay Ghosh, Surya, Madhunandan, Ravi Prakash

Raju, a young man, realizes that he can earn quick money if he is able to prove the existence of supernatural beings. He suspects his sister’s house to be haunted and investigates it.

The film was released worldwide on August 24, 2018. It was dubbed into Hindi by the same name.

So, friends, this is the 10 best horror Telugu movie list which you must see once because this Telugu list movie is quite amazing.

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